Architectural Concrete SLABB

Is a producer of bespoke and high-quality versatile elements made of FRC concrete  ( fibre reinforced concrete )

Our range includes:
- decorative concrete wall panels
- concrete/ cement tiles 3d
- architectural concrete commercial flower pots and planters
- fence blocks
- concrete furniture
- polished concrete countertops and wash basins
- precast concrete steps
- made to measure elements for individual orders.

All our product are secured for shipping and delivered to your door


SLABB Architectural concrete

it's a trendy - modern design, simple forms, and natural beauty.
Concrete surfaces manufactured in our factory can be successfully used to arrange even the most exclusive interiors.

Decorative/ Architectural concrete is a raw material that is increasingly used by professional interior architects, designers and individual clients. This situation is mainly influenced by the fact that it is very versatile material. It can be used successfully as a finishing material both on the wall and on the floor. A wide range of applications and extraordinary durability, without doubts the greatest advantages of architectural concrete.