SLABB Concrete - We set new trends

What words would best describe our SLABB products - modern, ecological, 100% natural with a unique surface and a timeless exclusive elegant appearance.

Decorative – architectural concrete is a raw material, which become increasingly popular amongis individual clients, professional interior designers and landscape architects.

This situation is mainly influenced by the fact that architectural concrete is a very universal material. It can be successfully used as a finishing material on the walls, floor, terrace or fence. A wide range of applications and extraordinary durability are undoubtedly the greatest advantages of decorative concrete.

SLABB is a leading Polish manufacturer of high quality concrete  products such as fence blocks, terrace tiles, flower planters, street furniture, façade/wall - panels, steps, 3d tiles, interior design elements.

In SLABB, we create elements that are not only aesthetics but also of high durability. Manual production process allows us to fully adopt all elements to individual customer needs.
Due to the basic properties of architectural concrete, it is impossible to obtain exactly the same number of pits. Small differences in shades of colour are also a characteristic of this material, but it is these features that are the greatest advantage of decorative concrete.

In our company, we supervise the proper quality of the order from the moment it is placed, until the ordered products reach You.

The concrete elements produced by our company are often the most noticeable feature of prestigious real estate.

All our product are 100% Handmade, Eco-friendly, made in the EU and  CE certified.