Fence blocks made of architectural concrete.

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SLABB fencing blocks made of high-quality architectural concrete are an exclusive product of unique surface. Fencing Modular blocks is an innovative solution that allows you to create an elegant, interesting, modern fence.
Fence blocks are manufactured in the Wet - Cast technology (wet casting of concrete in forms) thanks to which we obtain a product of the highest visual - durability quality and of unique porous surface texture.

Thanks to the large format, the blocks are very easy and quick to assemble. Each element is empty inside - on the spot just fill it with the appropriate mortar and reinforcement.

In order for the blocks to retain their elegant appearance for years, they are sealed in the Yumacom specialist sealer, we also recommend their re-sealing (preferably immediately after assembly), the Yumacom sealer is available in our offer.

Our assortment includes fence blocks and fence blocks caps with the following dimensions:


Thanks to this, you can fully customize your fence and the space that you intend to fill with them.

The fence blocks are available in three basic colours: white, grey and anthracite. It is not possible to use black blocks due to the rapid oxidation of this colour in external conditions.


SLABB fence blocks will work perfectly together with NIVE aluminium fences.
NIVE aluminium fences are a combination of modern design, unlimited choice of colours and a reliable, completely corrosion-resistant structure.
The manufacturer allows each element to be made to order, in a wide range of heights and widths.

The NIVE fence will undoubtedly give each property an individual character. No compromise.


The Slabb brand offer also includes modern letterboxes made of high-quality stainless steel with integrated bell buttons, intercoms and video intercoms, buying directly from us you are sure that all elements will match perfectly and the assembly will run smoothly.


Concrete Fence

Concrete blocks for fences are hand-made in our factory in Poland. Each of them has features that are elements characteristic of the material which is concrete. Uneven distribution of pits and small disproportions in colours make it impossible to obtain two identical copies. If you want to stand out and give your fence a modern, unique character, then you should definitely bet on concrete blocks. The elements will be delivered to you straight from our factory, where they were hand-made by our staff, so we take care of everything - even the smallest detail.

Bet on the solid and durable work of human hands, not on machine-made products. Feel free to Contact Us today for free no obligation quote. 

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