All our decorative concrete products
are entirely handmade in our workshop in Poland and shipped all over Europe.

Many years of experience

in the production of concrete, allows us to supervise its appropriate quality, from the first step to the completion of the entire order. We make sure that the highest quality materials are put into the concrete mix, we prepare the moulds in which the concrete takes on the right shape, and then we provide it with the necessary conditions for the maturing process, thanks to which it retains its properties for many years.

Architectural Concrete Manufacture

All products are properly secured for shipping. Many years of work with concrete allowed us to create proprietary assembly systems, and the appropriate instructions are sent to the customers together with the order.

This approach allows us to guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the enormous durability of SLABB architectural concrete products.

In our manufacture, the entire concrete production process is carried out by hand, so we can fully adapt our products to the requirements of the customer. Obtaining the right amount of pits and shades of plates is our daily bread, so you can be sure that the product that comes to you will be exactly what you ordered.

Each of the elements used in the concrete production process comes from Polish producers. Our concrete also has all the necessary certificates and systematically undergoes tests in an independent specialist laboratory (more information about the technical specifications of the concrete we use can be found in the catalogue).

Remember that concrete is a difficult material to subjugate. If you are looking for a reliable company with many years of experience, for whom the production process is no longer secrets, you've come to the right place. In our manufacture, we create not only concrete but also suitable forms that allow us to produce 3D tiles, flower pots, furniture and countertops. We also make elements based on sent projects.

Bet on the solid and durable work of human hands, not on machine-made products. Feel free to Contact Us today for free no obligation quote.