Concrete wall panels are a timeless product, whose potential is mainly demonstrated by a wide range of applications.

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Decorative concrete panels will work perfectly both as wall and floor cladding. Decorative concrete is a material that with the same success can be placed both on the fireplace and building façade. To meet the expectations, our company offers a wide range of architectural concrete panels of various sizes and thicknesses, each designed for a different type of application.

Concrete wall tiles

Panels dimensions

Available thicknesses

Decorative concrete panels are available in four porosity variants. The choice of the number of pits is an individual matter and should be dictated by the place of installation.

We also make panels in non-standard dimensions for individual customer orders

The SLABB company creates panels in 4 basic colours: white, grey, anthracite and black. The natural colours of the concrete emphasize its character and ideally fit in both modern and rustic interiors.


There is also a possibility of making panels in a different colour for individual customers' orders.

The SLABB range also includes wall panels made of natural moss.
This natural material is ideally suited for "green walls" as well as for creating modern interior design arrangements.
Moss does not require care, fertilization or irrigation, it does not require trimming and can be located in rooms where there is no access to natural light.
The only requirement is air humidity in the range of 40-60% (which is a standard air humidity value in rooms where people regularly stay).

Decorative concrete wall panels are hand-made in our factory in Poland. Each of them has features that are elements characteristic of the material which is concrete. Uneven distribution of pits and small disproportions in colours make it impossible to obtain two identical copies. Each of the boards is unique and this feature is their basic property and the biggest advantage. If you want to stand out and give your interior a unique character, you will certainly fall in love with decorative concrete. The panels that you order will go to your apartment straight from our factory, where it has been hand-made by our staff, so we took care of everything - even the smallest detail.

Bet on the solid and durable work of human hands, not on machine-made products. Feel free to Contact Us today for free no obligation quote. 

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