Facade panels made of architectural concrete.

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Buildings Facades made of architectural concrete panels are currently the trendiest trend in architecture. Architectural concrete is not only durable and frost-resistant but thanks to its property such as a timelessly elegant look, unique texture of the surface, a simple modern look will give each object a unique character.

Decorative Concrete Wall Cladding

Concrete Wall Cladding

SLABB façade panels are manufactured in WET CAST technology from a mixture coloured in the mass, thanks to which we obtain a uniform product of the highest durability and visual quality. We offer many standard sizes of façade panels,  however, at the request of our customers we are able to produce panels for individual dimensions.

SLABB facade panels are produced in three basic colours: white, grey and anthracite. Natural colours of concrete emphasize its character and ideally fit in both modern and rustic architecture.

There is also the possibility of making panels in a different colour for individual customers' orders.


Concrete Wall Panels

SLABB facade panels can be assembled using 3 certified systems:
- adhesive
- stonework system on anchors
- system on a rack.


The choice of assembly system should depend on the characteristics of the given facility.
Architectural façade panels are ideal for difficult climatic conditions such as rain or frost.