All our product are delivered to your door.


Over a decade of experience, Manufactory SLABB in the production of concrete elements allows us to create more and more unusual products.

Our assortment includes the basic elements of interior design including lamps and coffee tables. We try to combine products with wood, thanks to which concrete takes on a completely new and interesting character.

Our Products range is systematically increased, we can also produce items according to an individual project.

We make all kinds of furniture, fireplace enclosures, sinks, tables,
any elements according to individual projects.

Interior furnishing elements are available in 4 basic colours: white, grey, anthracite and black.

Architectural Concrete Colors

Elements of interior equipment are produced by ourselves in our factory in Poland. Each of them has features that are elements characteristic of the material which is concrete. Uneven distribution of pits and small disproportions in colours make it impossible to obtain two identical copies. If you want to stand out and buy an element of original character, then you've come to the right place.
The elements that you order will go to your apartment straight from our factory, where they were hand-made by our employees, thanks to which we took care of everything  - even the smallest detail.