Polished concrete countertops - worktops

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Polished Concrete Countertops & Worktops are a durable and elegant alternative to elements made of stone. All countertops are made according to individual design - that's why you can be sure that the product you have ordered will fully meet all your expectations. Suitable openings (eg. for the heating plate or sink) are already placed during the production of the mould, so the appearance of the entire countertop is very aesthetic (smooth edges, no unnecessary joints, etc.). This product will work perfectly in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Polished Concrete Worktops

One of the most important elements of the production of polished concrete countertops is its proper impregnation.  At SLABB, we use a measure that has been thoroughly tested by us. Stains with hard-to-remove substances like red wine, coca-cola or oil leave no trace on the surface, so using it is very convenient. Impregnate does not contain toxic substances, so it can be used without any obstacles on surfaces that have direct contact with food.

Polished concrete countertops are available in 4 basic colours: white, grey, anthracite and black. To ensure the highest quality and comfort of use, all elements are produced in a smooth finish version. Single pits are a natural feature of architectural concrete and we are not able to remove them in 100%. Impregnation does not change the colour of the product.

Architectural Concrete Colors


Polished concrete countertops are made by ourselves in our factory in Poland. Each of them has features that are elements characteristic of the material which is concrete. Uneven distribution of pits and small disproportions in colours make it impossible to obtain two identical copies. Each of the countertops is unique and this feature is their basic property and the biggest advantage. If you want to stand out and give your interior a unique character, then the concrete worktop will make the task much easier. The item you order will go to your apartment straight from our factory, where it has been hand-made by our staff, so we took care of everything - even the smallest detail.

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