Street furniture

Street furniture made of architectural concrete are extremely aesthetic, functional and durable elements that will work perfectly in shopping malls, markets, promenades, squares. Proper impregnation makes our elements fully resistant to weather conditions.

Urban-Architectural Concrete
Urban Architecture made to order
Concrete Bench-Slabb
Town Bench
Urban Street Furniture
Street Furniture

Our product range includes :

- street planters

- benches

- patio, terrace surfaces

- steps

- fences

- street furniture made to order.

The street furniture is available in three basic colours: white, grey and anthracite. It is not possible to use black elements due to the rapid oxidation of this colour in external conditions.

There is also the possibility of making elements in a different colour for individual customers' orders.


Street furniture made of architectural concrete are hand-made in our factory in Poland, each of them has features that are elements characteristic of the material that is architectural concrete. Uneven distribution of pits and small disproportions in colours make it impossible to obtain two identical specimens, each element is unique and this feature is their basic property and the greatest advantage.